The size of the 'mosquito bag' is determined by the immune system

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May 11,2023

The weather is getting hot, and it's the season of mosquito infestation again. After being bitten, some people may have a large and round mosquito bag, while others may only have a small red dot. Some people say that being bitten into a large mosquito bag indicates that your blood tastes good while being bitten with a small red dot indicates that your blood tastes bad. The process of mosquito blood-sucking is much more complex than hospital blood drawing: it first uses the lower jaw to cut the skin, uses the upper lip as support, and then extends the blood-sucking needle (tongue) into the incision to search for blood vessels and suck blood; While sucking blood, mosquitoes also inject saliva containing anticoagulant and anesthetic ingredients into your body. Many terrible epidemics such as dengue fever and malaria are spread around with mosquito saliva. As for why some people have a red dot and others have a big lump after being bitten, it depends on the level of immune system response. After the protease in mosquito saliva enters the bloodstream, it is recognized by the human immune system and the body produces antibodies to neutralize these antigens. That is to say, if your immune system does not react in time and does not release corresponding antibodies to neutralize, then being bitten by a mosquito will result in a painless red dot. But if it causes a strong response from the immune system, it will release a large amount of histamine, cytokines, and other substances. These substances will make capillaries dilate, enhance permeability, cause itching sensation in the skin, and also induce inflammation. At this point, a large and itchy mosquito bag will appear. As you become more bitten by a certain type of mosquito, your immune system may not be as strong, so after being bitten by a mosquito, the itching may subside for a while. But it is almost impossible to resist the pain and itching caused by mosquito bites by "desensitizing the immune system". Due to the numerous types of mosquitoes and changes in the personal constitution, once stimulated by different mosquito saliva components, the immune system will be awakened again. Copyright Description: Some articles are sourced or adapted from the Internet and other platforms, with the main purpose of sharing information and allowing more people to access health knowledge. The copyright belongs to the original author, and the content is for readers' reference only. Media or individuals who do not wish to be reprinted can contact us.