How to Care for Women's Private Parts in Summer

Release time:

May 11,2023

Summer is approaching, and the weather in summer is relatively hot and humid. As women's private parts are relatively hidden, they are more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections and gynecological inflammation. So female friends must take the correct measures to take care of their private parts during summer, to maintain their health and minimize the occurrence of gynecological inflammation. What exactly should we do? Let's take a look together. How should women take good care of their private parts in summer? Early summer care tailored to the times The weather in early summer can change quickly. Sudden cold and hot weather can easily lead to a decrease in the body's immune system, providing opportunities for bacteria. In addition, rainy and humid environments can easily cause discomfort such as itching and abnormal vaginal discharge in private areas. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the care of private areas. The correct method: Although the weather in early summer is relatively good, there will be bright sunlight at this time. However, when enjoying the beautiful sunshine, it is best to remember to also sun out our underwear and let the natural sunlight help us sterilize it. Also, remember to change and wash your underwear every day. The underwear must be washed by hand and separated from socks and pants. Early Summer Care Breathable and Refreshing The structure of women's private parts is quite complex, and in summer, the external temperature is relatively high, making it easy for their bodies to sweat. Many women also like to wear tight shorts and stockings, making their private parts a breeding ground for bacteria and easily infected with bacterial viruses. Gynecological inflammation, accompanied by a foul odor, can be very embarrassing. Correct method: In summer, female friends must remember not to wear too tight. Tight shorts and stockings have poor breathability and heat dissipation and try to wear loose and comfortable cotton underwear. Do not linger on thongs and lace underwear, and do not use sanitary pads. Early summer care and health recovery in early summer, lamb skewers, beer, and snacks all appeared on the streets. Frequent consumption of spicy and stimulating foods and fried foods, as well as frequent drinking and staying up late, can lead to the occurrence of dampness and heat in the body, which is also the cause of various discomfort in private areas. Correct method: Females should maintain a regular diet and daily routine during summer, exercise appropriately, and keep their lives in rhythm. And it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet, eat less spicy and stimulating food and snacks on the street, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and maintain sufficient hydration in the body. There are 5 tips for female private care 1. Water Most women prefer to mix tap water with boiled water for use. Although it generally does not cause serious problems, if their resistance drops or tap water is contaminated, it is highly likely to cause vaginitis. It is best to cool the boiled water to a suitable temperature when cleaning the external genitalia. 2. Basin The basin for washing the external genitalia must be dedicated to a dedicated person. It is recommended to choose an enamel or stainless steel basin smaller than the basin, preferably without a plastic basin. This type of basin is prone to rough basin walls due to aging and is prone to parasitic bacteria. 3. Towels to prevent cross infection, it is best for women to prepare two towels. One is for wiping the external genitalia; The other one is used to scrub the back of the anus. Because the distance between the perineum and the anus is very close, using the same towel can easily carry anal bacteria to the vagina and cause vaginitis, especially for those with anal fissures and hemorrhoids, the towel must be used separately. After using the towel, it should be washed with hot water and dried in the sun. 4. Cleaning when going out, the hygiene conditions vary, and some hotels may not have complete cleaning and disinfection work, even without a real name. Bathtubs, towels, and toilets may all be contaminated. Therefore, to prevent cross-infection and ensure safety, it is best to bring a basin and towel to clean the external genitalia. Try to use a squatting urinal for urination and urination. It is advisable to take a shower and avoid using a basin bath. 5. Do not use acidic or alkaline solutions If the acid-base solution does not meet the requirements, it will corrode and damage the vagina; Or due to the disruption of the pH balance in the vagina, bacteria can reproduce in the vagina, leading to infection and inflammation of the reproductive system. In addition, it is also possible to cause local damage or infection due to disinfection, operation, and other reasons.